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This Web site will provide information on the idea of narrative bits (narbs) a term coined by Ananda Mitra: Professor of Communication at Wake Forest University

You can find a copyrighted description of narbs here

There are several publications that explain the idea of narbs and offer analysis using the theory of narbs.  Some are included here:

Parks and Recreation Magazine 

Encyclopedia of Information Sciences and Technology 

Collective Narrative Expertise and the Narbs of Social Media

Narbs as a Measure and Indicator of Identity Narratives

Indian TV Anchors on Twitter: Technological Practice and Textual Form

Managing and Visualizing Unstructured Big Data  

Narbs: A Narrative Approach to the Use of Big Data

Using narbs to create narrative maps from unstructured Big Data: A case study

Mapping Narbs. In (Greg Wise, Ed), New Visualities, New Technologies: The New Ecstasy of Communication

Analysis in many different domains can be found at Themediawatch 

Here are is video explaining the idea

Here is a video showing the connection between narbs and a data controversy

Mention of narbs in the Science and TechnologyScience DailySunday GuardianLa Telier

This book chapter talks more about narbs.  See sample here.

Discussion of Narbs have appeared in different popular media outlets
TIME online had a mention of narbs stating: A communications professor from Wake Forest University popularized this term last year to describe "an item of personal information posted online, particularly as it contributes, often unwittingly, to a personal narrative that individual is creating online." If you send enough "narbs" out into the world, they could eventually turn into "a stolen identity."  See entire article here.

Reference to narbs in The Atlantic

Reference to narbs in Livemint, a subsidiary of the Wall Street Journal

Here is the Wordspy word of the day on September 27, 2011

Here is some buzz to follow!

Here is a news release related to narbs

The term was explained in an article in Global Media Journal in the spring of 2010

The term and the concept were discussed at numerous forums and conferences such as:

European Conference on Intellectual and Intangible Capital, Pescara, Italy, May 2019

Maryland Parks and Recreation Annual Conference, Lake Placid, NY, April 2019

New York Parks and Recreation Annual Conference, Lake Placid, NY, April 2019

Oklahoma Parks and Recreation Spring Conference, Tulsa, OK, March 2019

International Tourism Conference, Porto, Portugal, March 2019

Virginia Recreation Association Managers Conference, Suffolk, VA, February 2019

Texas Recreation and Parks Society Annual Conference, El Paso, TX, February 2019

CELDA, Budapest, Hungary, October 2018

Ethicomp, Gdasnk, Poland, September 2018

ECKM Conference, Padua, Italy, September 2018

New York State Recreation Conference, Syracuse, NY, April 2018

ICTR Conference, Jyväskylä, Finland, March 2018.

CELDA Conference, Villamoura, Portugal, October 2017.

ECKM Conference, Barcelona, Spain, September 2017

International e-Society Conference, Budapest, Hungary, April 2017

Teachers, Teaching, and Media Conference, Wake Forest University, Winston-Salem, NC. March 2017

WISE Conference of International Studies, Wake Forest University, Winston-Salem, NC, February 2017

Swedish South Asian Studies Network Conference of Lund University, Lund, Sweden, September 2016

Management and Leadership Conference of the National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization, Washington, DC, April 2016

International e-Society Conference, Villamoura, Portugal, April 2016

WISE Conference of International Studies, Wake Forest University, Winston-Salem, NC, February 2016

International e-Society Conference, Madiera, Portugal, March 2015

ITHET Conference, Lisbon, Portugal, June, 2015

Reuters Conference on Journalism and New Technologies, Oxford, UK, September 2015

Annual Conference of the Texas Parks and Recreation Association Conference, February, 2014

WISE Conference of International Studies, Wake Forest University, Winston-Salem, NC, February 2015

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